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CV for Emanuel "Emil" Simionescu 
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My name is Emanuel "Emil" Simionescu, and I'm from the city of Ploiesti in Prahova district of Romania. I was born a november day in 1977 (november the 10. to be exactly).
I'm looking for more practical work in North og Europe (I focus on Norway, but I'm open for offers from all over Scandinavia). I've been in Norway ceveral times to work. In 2004/05 I even had a year at a Bible School in the Oslo Area in central Norway (Regnbuen International Bilbe School at Lørenskog municipality just outside Oslo). I worked at a cleaning company after school all that year. After this I have been in the Oslo Area to work ceveral times.
After the year at Bible School  I have prioritized to work in Norway just some weeks / months at the time so that I had the possibility to both help my dear father financially and be home at my father and my friends (that I value high) home in Romania at least parts of the year... But now I want to stay in Scandinavia for a longer period and work under the same serious conditions as Scandinavian workers!
I'm a glad and happy worker man who like to have contact with others and who enjoy to work! I enjoy challenges! I like to work in team (!), but I may also work on my own.
I have a birth dissabillity that makes me halting (left leg). Some may ask how one that halts may do practical work. At least many people back home in Romania will ask that question. But when you are of that kind that never let fysical handicap hinder to reach what goals you want then you always find a way to reach those goals! If I want some practical work to be done then I always find a way to get that work done... Anyway, that handicap I have ain't bigger than that I can do practical work and do sports (I am pretty well trained).
I have been doing bodybuilding since I was 15 (1992) to strengthen and build up my destroyed leg. And ever since then I have been doing sports and training at a pretty high level.
My life experience from Romania have teached me that one shall never give up! No matter the situation, one shall ALWAYS look forward!
Interests / hobbies beside work:
  • Sports
  • Nature. I enjoy walking / hiking in the mountains)
  • Communicate with people. I am good in English, and I also speak some French. And if it's required then I will also take lessons in Norwegian! I use Internet and email to chatt / mail with people, also with my friends in Norway)


  • 2004 / 05: Rengbuen International Bible School ( at Lørenskog just outside Oslo capitol of Norway. Examinated with Diploma.
  • 1997-1999: High School back home in Ploiesti RomaniaSpesializing in factory planning and organisation. Examinated with Diploma.
  • 1992-1996: High School back home in Ploiesti Romania (Toma PLOIESTI). Examinated with Diploma (speciallity Maigrantance Pc.).

Work Experience:

  • 2005 - 2007: Div. carpentery in the Oslo area in Norway
  • 2004 - 2005: Cleaner at the "Abba Renhold" cleaning company (Oslo / Lørenskog Norway) while I went at the Bible School in Lørenskog Norway
  • 2001 - 2004: Carpentery back home in Romania (Creafreres Romania)

Languages Knowledges:

  • Maiden language: Romanian
  • English: OK writing and talking language
  • French: Medium (Know a little bit)
  • Norwegian and other Scandinavian languages: Don't talk much yet(the working / teaching language of that Regnbuen International Bible School is English), but I will take language courses / lessons if neccessary!

Mr. Emanuel "Emil" Simionescu
Str. Cantacuzino no 263
BL. 13  AP. 21
District Prahova

Tel.: (+40) 727 114 377

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You may contact me at any time if there are stuff you wonder about, if you have any questions at all then you are more than welcome to write me an email or to call me - no matter what time!
I'm no good in Norwegian (or any other Scandinavian languages) yet, but a Norwegian friend of me have made a Norwegian version of this CV site at the same time as he helped me put up this CV site. That Norwegian CV site may be accessed by clicking here.
You may reach me back home in Romania by phone (+40) 727 114 377 or by email


Here I put up some work-/storage shelters at the basement of a Norwegian friend from Bible School. Place: Ski , a city at the Akershus county of Norway


Isolation work at my Norwegian friend, the house is "lafted" (a whole solid timber technic used a lot in old houses of Norway and Sweden) so we had to rip off all the inside panel and isolate by using Glava glass wool isolation plates from the inside. The distance between the panel and the laft wood timber was to small to have an efficiant isolation just by inject isolation fluid.
This job was a big one, and the panel should be re-used (we had to be really carefull and treat that old panel nice and with ease), so here both I and my friend learned a lot!